Brick Street Gallery

Brick Street Gallery is a unique and innovative art gallery that offers original art, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, curated finds and so much more. It is the brainchild of lifelong Jackson based artist, Michael Palmer. The gallery is located just inside the front of the Art 634 building with convenient parking out front. Wheelchair access is also available. The gallery is open Wednesday & Thursday 12-6, Friday 12-5, and Saturday 11-4.
Mike Palmer

Detour Music

Detour Music is a small town vintage instrument store located at ART 634 that specializes in used and vintage stringed instruments, woodwinds and horns. We repair / refurbish guitars, banjos, ukuleles and mandolins, encouraging the preservation and appreciation of rare, finely crafted instruments. We BUY-SELL-TRADE and broker consignment instruments. We carry gifts for music lovers and accessories for all instruments. Detour Music is dedicated to making lives richer and happier through music.  
Detour Music
Nancy Wilson

Elaine Lok Photography

Elaine Lok

Hair 634

Cindy Reynolds

The Hidden Studio

The Hidden Studio is the joint art and photography studio of Betty Kay and Kenny Price. Betty Kay is an artist who paints with acrylics , mixed media and offers classes, while Kenny is a photographer who offers family portraits, head shots, pet portraits, wildlife, scenic photography and also repairs and edits photographs.   
Betty Kay Price

Jackson School of the Arts

For nearly two decades, the Jackson School of the Arts has been a leading provider in art, dance, theater, and music education. As a nonprofit organization with a mission to make the arts accessible to all children, we offer subsidized fees that are based on household income. Our programs run year round and most classes are offered after the school day so that children, youth and adults can have a place to discover and experience the arts.
Jackson School of the Arts
Carolyn Moser, Interim Director

K. Price Photography

Kenny Price

Kevin Schumackher, Licensed Massage Therapist


Maggie Drew Designs

Maggie Drew Designs, Pieces and Parts made Whole. Paper, Fabric, Junk, Lost Things, Paint, and Spirit. I love rust, patina, texture and unraveled thoughts and threads. I collect, cut up, tear apart, reassemble and make something new from the ephemera. My work is spirit driven, craft based, and often overwrought. I love to create and hope that others don’t run screaming from my work.
Maggie Drew Designs
Margaret Riggle

Off the Map Studio

Off the Map Studio is a workspace composed of two artists, Paige McCafferty and Michael Maloney. With their varying art styles, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

Soulful Memories Photography

Tasha Simpkins: 517-917-5962
Ashley Webb: 517-936-9003

Studio DeeplyArt

Avé Veneklasen makes art to express her enthusiasm and passion about life. An energetic and physical person, the process of making her art reflects that. Much of her work is very large; 36” x 80” and is done in a vertical format which lends power to her statements. 
Studio DeeplyArt
Avé Veneklasen


Studio-Lo is a fully functional art studio also located in the front of Art 634, adjacent to Brick Street Gallery. It is Mike Palmer’s personal art studio/gallery where he creates his innovative original paintings along with his functional pottery and unique wood jewelry. Studio-Lo is open Wed.- Thurs. 12-6 Friday 12-5 Saturday 11-4.
Mike Palmer

Wendy Lebel Photography

Wendy Lebel

Yoga Studio DeeplyArt

Yoga Studio DeeplyArt is a sacred space to practice yoga with a focus on making students feel honored and embraced on their journey. “Namaste”, honoring the light in each of us, is the cornerstone of our mission.  
Yoga Studio DeeplyArt
Avé Veneklasen